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AVID is a nationally recognized program designed to help bright, motivated students in their completion of college-prep coursework while in high school, in hopes that these students will be able to gain acceptance to 4-year colleges or universities directly from high school.  
It is a bridge to get students to college. Guest speakers and field trips to local universities! AVID students are typically bright, average or above-average students with no chronic disciplinary or attendance problems.
Students in this program have a B or C average and are not discipline issues. They want to be successful! AVID students typically need assistance with organizational, planning and study skills in order to reach their full potentials. Students may be among the first in their families to attend college, although this is certainly not always the case!  
Students enrolled in this class will receive elective credits and would be in this class in lieu of CCP or Geography. If you are interested in participating in AVID or have further questions regarding this program please contact Mr. Bracamontes, AVID Coordinator
AVID Recruitment Brochure
SJHHS AVID Brochure 2022
CONGRATULATIONS TO Brandon Sotelo For Being the 2022-2023 SJHHS AVID Senior Standout! 
Brandon Sotelo
AVID Group Picture 2023
AVID Classes 2022-2023
Senior Class
Senior Class
juniors 2023
Junior Class
sophomores 2023
Sophomore Class
Freshmen 2023
Freshman Class


CSU, Fullerton
  • Mariana Fitz
  • Ilse Diaz
UC Merced
  • Cinthia Muniz
Saddleback College
  • Alexis Maya


AVID Staff 9.20.22


Tanislado Bracamontes           
AVID Coordinator/Math Teacher  
Charles Briggs Social Science /AVID 11th grade Teacher  
Janey Gidion English/AVID 12th grade Teacher  
Brianna Lintz Math/AVID 10th grade Teacher  
Lorena Perez Sanchez Spanish/9th grade Teacher  
Fernanda Villalba Spanish/9th grade Teacher