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Summer School

Please click on this Summer School REGISTRATION LINK to find out more information, indicate whether you plan on attending summer school, and inform us if you will be attending in-person or online. The registration deadline is Friday, May 14. Your academic advisor will contact you to confirm courses once your information on the form is completed.
summer school
CCA 2021 Summer-School through CUSD

CCA 2021 Summer-School through CUSD

CCA is excited to announce 2021 summer school opportunities for incoming 9-12 grade students in the following courses:
  • BITA – Building and Industrial Trades
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Forensic Science
  • Silk Screening
  • Street Law
  • Tinker Lab
    • CNC Mill
    • Laser Engraver
    • Virtual Welding
Classes will be held from June 14 – July 21, 2021, across multiple campuses. Please see the attached flyer for additional course details and to share with students and parents/guardians. Below is a link to register for courses.


The high school summer program emphasizes academic preparation for those students who are not achieving at an appropriate level and/or still need to pass the California High School Exit Exam. For more information, contact your child’s teacher or academic advisor at the high school
Summer School program for all Capistrano Unified School District students’ entering grades 10-12. Students are eligible to attend this remedial program if they are:
  • Making up credits needed for high school graduation
  • Repeating a course in order to make up a failing grade (F) or improving a low grade (D)
  • Improving basic skills to pass the California High School Exit Exam
Courses will be offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment. Due to funding and staffing limitations, it may not be possible to accommodate every student who applies for Summer School. Waiting lists will be established for Summer School as necessary. Summer School Website