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At San Juan Hills High School we want to ensure that all English Learners have access to an intellectually rich and comprehensive curriculum via appropriately designed instruction. The students should be making steady, and even accelerated, progress in their English Language Development.
Upon taking and receiving the results of the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (LPAC) students will be enrolled in a variety of school and instructional setting that incorporate the California English Language Development (ELD) standards. Some students are enrolled in a newcomer intensive ELD program for one or two courses. Others are enrolled in a mainstream program in which they receive specialized integrated ELD instruction. Still others are in a dual language immersion program that provides instruction in both the primary language and English.
It is our goal that teachers, administrators and support staff at San Juan Hills High School draw on and value students’ cultural backgrounds, address their language status and awareness, support the development of academic English, and promote pride in students’ cultural and linguistic heritage.


English Teacher
Cara Fermin
Spanish/French/ELD Teacher
Marie Finman
World Language Department Chair/STAP
Leo Spengler
English Teacher