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Ceramics classes are aimed to not only introduce and refine students' artistic skills, but also make students more observant of the art and design that surrounds us daily, to allow students opportunities to express themselves, and to discover how art affects the society we live in. In order to do this, our work is anchored in the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. In addition, the art studio serves as an ideal place to develop skills that will transfer to any work environment such as: working in teams, being resourceful, generating creative solutions, and time management. 
Students have the opportunity to create art that is functional and can be used in their everyday life. Time is spent on the potter's wheel, sculpting, and using hand build techniques. Students will also participate in class discussions, learn about working artists, learn the process of critiquing artwork, and collaborate with classmates.
San Juan Hills High School currently offers an Introduction to Ceramics class, as well as an AP Studio Art 3D class. Both classes are designed to be a year long and fulfill the UC/CSU, A-G "Visual and Performing Arts" requirement.
Students must have ceramics experience prior to the AP Studio Art class, where they will pursue the goal of making deep and more meaningful work in addition to growing in their artistic ability. The class is designed to have students explore a variety of 3D media and sculptures techniques in addition to working with clay. AP Studio Art students have the opportunity to receive AP college credit by completing a portfolio of artwork that is submitted to College Board for review and scoring. 
Krista Rodriguez
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