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Homework Policy

Our office will request homework from the teachers on behalf of a student who is ill for three or more consecutive days only when requested to do so by a parent. We will need 24 hours to collect it, and it must be picked up during office hours (7:00 am - 3:30 pm). Students who are suspended for more than one day will have their homework automatically requested. Parents are advised to make arrangements to collect the homework as soon as possible.
The Governing Board believes that homework properly designed, carefully planned, and which is appropriate to the development of the individual student is an essential part of an effective, well-planned instructional program. The administration and certificated staff design homework plans and assignments so that, through their homework, students can reinforce academic skills taught in school and learn how to conduct research effectively, develop ideas creatively, and become life-long learners. Homework, if properly designed, significantly strengthens student learning and achievement.
The Board believes homework is the responsibility of the student. It is the student's job to develop regular study habits and to do most assignments independently. The Board encourages all teachers to view the parent/guardian as a contributing resource and to structure homework assignments to involve the parent/guardian without diminishing the student's sense of responsibility. When assigning homework that involves interaction with parent/guardians, teachers should include instructions that show how parent/guardians can best help their children. To be effective, homework assignments should not place an undue burden or students and families. Homework should reinforce classroom learning objectives and be related to individual student needs and abilities. Homework can involve a variety of activities related to the established curriculum and does not need to be exclusively paper and pencil. This can also include advance preparation for upcoming lessons. (BP-6154a)