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What is WASC and why is it important to SJHHS?
Every public high school and college must conduct a self-study in order to be accredited. The organization that determines the accreditation term is called the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The organization gathers a group of administrators, teachers, former teachers, and/or district personnel from around the state to formally visit our school and verify a report that our school generates as a result of our self-study. This report is written collectively by the staff and must be submitted to the school board for approval. 
Why is it important to students?
Schools that are granted a commendable accreditation term (6 years is the best!) have shown themselves to be highly capable of producing competent, college-bound graduates. Schools that are not granted a good accreditation term (3 years to 1 year) are not looked favorably upon by colleges. Students generally want to go on to college after high school. If SJHHS is not accredited well or at all, students’ high school diplomas will not be valid for college admission.
What do students need to know?
Students need to know that their teachers use the Common Core Standards as the foundation of all that they do in the classroom. Students also need to know that SJHHS expects graduating seniors to have accomplished the School-wide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) upon graduation. The SLOs are as follows:
Balance academics, activities, and social/emotional needs
Respect and include those from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives
Apply higher-level thinking skills to a broad range of college and career contexts
Nuture relationships with their communities and positively contribute to society as a whole
Dedicate themselves to setting and reaching meaningful goals
What is our current WASC status?
In March of 2018, San Juan Hills High School hosted a visiting committee of 7 teachers, administrators, and school staff members from all over Southern California as part of our WASC Accreditation process.  The visit was the culmination of two years of planning, evaluation, and discussion as a staff that led to the writing of our Self-Study Report, outlining areas of where we have reached goals and objectives as a school, and overviewing areas for continual improvement over the next several years.  The Visiting Committee visit included meetings with parents, students, staff, and focus groups and was an overwhelming success, as the committee affirmed our successes, accomplishments and areas for growth as a school.  San Juan Hills High School was granted a 6-year accreditation term through 2024 with a 1-day mid-cycle visit.  Thank you to all of our teachers, staff, students, and parents who made the WASC process such a success at SJHHS! 
SJHHS WASC Goals 2018-2024
  • Increase the efficient use of targeted data to inform instruction.
  • Develop a clearly articulated plan for student intervention (including academics and social/emotional needs of students).
  • Continue to increase the involvement of all students at our school in school activities, A-G courses, AP courses and/or career pathways.