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AP Information

Exam Fee: $103/exam 
Regular Registration: September 7-November 1, 2021
Late Registration (additional $40/exam, each exam $143): November 2-February 28
Reminder, students will need to register through Collegeboard and Total Registration if they want to take an exam. 
Collegeboard Registration Website:
Total Registration (to pay for your exams):
exam schedule



Sept. 7
AP Exam Registration Opens

October 25
Final day to submit Fee Reduction Eligibility Form
Nov 1
Payment Window Closes - $103/per exam
(Total Registration)
Nov 1
Last Day to Request a Full Refund
Nov 2 - February 28
Late Registration w/ $40 fee
February 28
Last Day to Request Partial Refund
May 2-May 13
Testing window