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In high schools, progress report cards and semester grades will be recorded and made availalbe via the Parent Portal for each student. Passing semester grades for high school courses will be awarded five credits per course. Passing grades include A, B, C, or D grades. Progress grades will be mailed after the sixth and twelfth week of each semester for each subject. In addition,teachers must notify parents of the danger of failing a semester course during the last six weeks of the semester if no prior notification has been given.
Letter grades will be issued in subject matter as follows:
A = Excellent progress
B = Above average progress
C = Average progress
D = Below average
F = Failing
High school student semester grade points will be computed for courses on the following numerical value for all courses taken for the purpose of determining grade point average (GPA): A = 4; B=3; C = 2; D = 1; F = 0
For Advanced Placement and Honors level courses only, grade points will be computed on the following numerical value: A = 5; B = 4; C = 3; D = 1; F=0
When students with honors credits on their transcripts transfer from out of district or out of state schools, only courses designated as honors by CUSD and approved by the University of California will be recognized. Honors courses are approved on a school-by-school basis by the University of California. Students can submit their previous high school transcript to the universities for evaluation when they enroll. 


1st Semester: 8/15/2023 - 12/21/2023  
6 week = Progress Report
Sept. 29, 2023
12 week = Progress Report
Nov. 9 2023
18 week = Semester Grades
Dec. 21, 2023
 The semester grade is posted on transcript.  
2nd Semester: 1/8/2024 - 5/30/2024  
  •  6 week = Progress Report
Feb. 23, 2024
  •  12 week = Progress Report
Apr. 12, 2024
  •  18 week = Semester Grades
May 30, 2024 
The semester grade is posted on transcript.  


Student transfering into CUSD must meet all transfer policies. 
Transfer credits are accepted from accreditated institutions only. 
Courses from the transferring district which are designated as honors courses WILL NOT recieve honors credit  IF there is not a corresponding CUSD course of the same title with the same description.


What is a transcript?
  • A transcript is an educational document that shows the course work a student has taken, the grades earned, and a breakdown of various grade point averages (G.P.A.).  Transcripts are either “unofficial” or “official”. A transcript is not a diploma.
Why do you need a transcript?
  • Transcripts are often used use by college admission advisors and used for a variety of educational scholarship opportunities.   They also provide valid proof of a student’s grade point average (G.P.A.) for potential employment and for a possible “good student discount” for insurance companies. 
What is an Unofficial Transcript?
  • An unofficial transcript is a copy of the student’s transcript that is not signed, stamped or certified.  It may include the word “unofficial” on it. This transcript is generally requested from a student or parent to review for accuracy or other personal reasons. Unofficial transcript requests will be completed in the Guidance Office by the student or a parent. 
What is an Official Transcript?
  • An official transcript is a transcript that is signed, stamped and certified by a school official or Parchment.
  • Official transcripts may be obtained on-line through a secure FERPA compliant manner through Parchment.
  •  Parchment orders can be placed any time or day.  Fees are based upon delervery options, electronic or mailed.  For more information about  Parchment, please click on the following link to be directed to the CUSD Website.
How do I order an Official Transcript through Parchment?           
  • Please note that school issued emails such as School Loop will not be available to the student or the parent after the students last date of attendance or graduation. Students should use another email account when ordering official transcripts through Parchment.
  • The CUSD Website with the parchment Informtion.
  • Follow the on-line instructions as prompted.
Can transcripts be submitted using the Online Common Application?


At the high school level, grades are recorded by semester on the student’s transcript. Each semester is approximately 18 weeks of instruction for the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester.
To review the most up to date information on how to order a copy of your high school transcripts please click on the following link to be directed to the CUSD website CLICK HERE to order transcripts